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Somatic Yoga

Based on traditional yoga postures and breathing practices, our classes encourage a deep internal awareness through slow, mindful movement. This 'somatic' way of learning yoga is suitable for all levels, and is especially recommended for reluctant beginners and those with health concerns.

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Restorative Workshops

Exploring a variety of different topics, such as understanding back pain, and better sleep, our monthly workshops are all about new learning, followed by deep rest. Learn to feel how the brain continually responds to stress, how this is held in the body and how we can undo the effects of this by working with the nervous system.

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A good place to start learning about meditation is with our free 5-day online introduction. If you'd rather learn 'in-person' we have weekly & monthly group sessions in Bagshot. All sessions are free of charge (or by donation if you prefer).

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Benefits of our classes

Relaxed Mind

Paying attention to internal sensations while moving allows the mind to shift focus and relax

Sound Sleep

Down-regulating the nervous system is the best way to improve quality of sleep

Improved Circulation

Gentle movement massages the body from the inside which improves blood circulation

Reduced Back Pain

Simple, effective techniques and practices help relieve muscular aches and pains

Reduced Muscle Tension

Pandiculating instead of stretching re-trains the brain to relax tight muscles

Increased Joint Mobility

Releasing tight muscles frees up the connective tissue and joints to move smoothly and easily


I'm Claudine, and I've been teaching yoga and meditation for the last two decades. When you come to one of our classes or workshops you'll be learning about yourself from your own first-person perspective - your unconscious ways of moving and being that you never knew about. This is the beginning of yoga, and also the key to long-term health.

My specialist coaching programs help people who struggle with persistent and/or chronic pain, restricted movement, muscular tension and anxiety - usually from an accumulation of habitual tension. Guided by my own experience with persistent hip pain, I help people change the way they move, feel and view themselves from the inside out.

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What our students say

I started with Claudine's pregnancy yoga which was instrumental to me having a lovely calm birth. I now go to her weekly classes and can honestly say they are the highlight of my week.


Yoga with Claudine is something that is particularly nourishing on a personal level and she provides space for you to let go and really explore your own practice. Her classes allow individual attention where you feel you're in safe hands.


Pregnancy yoga helped me prepare for birth and I made some very good friends too! Continuing with weekly classes improved my posture, helped  me reduce back pain. and inspired me to go on and teach!