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Yoga Seeds

I founded Yoga Seeds back in 2004 and my goal has always been to create a personalised approach to yoga and meditation. Over the years I've developed a knack of seeing where people are in their body and in their experience of themselves and I use this intuitive approach in all my classes and programmes. In other words, I guide you to learn best and progress in a way that meets you where you are today.

Back Story

I started yoga in my late 20's as a last resort. I injured my hip in kick boxing training and it snowballed from there. To cut a long story short, I went from being a bit of a fitness freak to being in persistent pain. I pushed on anyway and found myself if a cycle of recurring injury and chronic pain. I tried everything to get back to normal. Some things helped, but not in any lasting way. I was frustrated.

Yoga Wisdom

Beginning a yoga practice changed my life completely. My teacher gave me a deeper understanding of the yoga system - asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing practices) being just a tiny part. Yoga wisdom is about self discovery and ultimately teaches us how to be truly happy. Learning about the temporary nature and dualities of the world and the real goal of a human existence brings an inner strength and peace. My daily meditation practice unpins my experience of this.

Journey to Pain-Free

In 2014 I finally had the breakthrough I'd been seeking for my chronic hip pain - Hanna (or Clinical) Somatic Education. After a series of clinical lessons I began to reconnect with muscles and movement patterns I hadn't sensed for years. I discovered how my brain had been keeping me locked in my compensatory patterns, despite everything I'd tried, including my yoga practice.

Since beginning Clinical Somatics I have found a real solution for my persistent and chronic muscular tension and pain because it involves the brain. The brain controls the muscles via the nervous system. When you learn to bring the muscles back under the brain's voluntary control, you can make continual long-term changes. Now when I get tension and twinges I can immediately release my tight muscles, relax and move easily again. My yoga practice has completely changed and Clinical Somatics keeps me moving well. Thankfully my 15 years of chronic hip pain is now a thing of the past!

Professional Bio

I began teaching in the fitness industry in 1994, and came to yoga in 1998. I have been a student and practitioner of Bhakti yoga and meditation since 2002. I qualified to teach Hatha yoga in 2006 and foundational Yoga Therapy in 2008. I am qualified to teach other modalities, including yoga for pregnancy and postnatal recovery.

I am a Certified Clinical Somatic Educator (CCSE) and Somatic Movement Coach and have been working privately with clients since 2018.