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Add Meditation To Your Life

Never before has it been as important to take care of our mental well-being than right now

Join our 5-Day Video Challenge and learn simple techniques to get you started!

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Here's What You'll Learn!

The practice of meditation can mean a number of different things to different people, and it can also be thought of as being a variety of practices. 

The tools you'll learn here are based on the science of yoga as given in the Vedas - the ancient yoga texts. This wealth of eternal knowledge is as relevant today as ever before, and we bring it to you in an simple, easy to implement way.

You will get five short video lessons, each building on the last, guiding you through different aspects of meditation. By day five you'll have a short guided practice you can do by yourself, plus the option to join our live online or in-person sessions to further support your meditation journey.

Simple To Do

Simple, step-by-step practical methods to relax the body, calm the mind and rest the heart

Effective Methods

Time-tested techniques rooted in the ancient wisdom of yoga to build a solid foundation


Easy 15-minute daily practice you can add to your life, whatever your unique situation









I began practicing meditation

with mantras over 20 years ago and little did I know I'd still be doing it all these years later in the exact same way I was taught. I feel very fortunate to have the continued guidance of my own teacher as well as other wonderful mentors and friends.

It's been an amazing journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth that brings a deeper sense of peace and contentment, regardless of the craziness going on around me. I couldn't imagine how life would be without it!

So, I hope you enjoy this 5-day Video Challenge I've put together to make it as easy as possible for you to learn and add meditation to your life. Let me know how you get on!

What our students say

  • I enjoy the peace, quiet time from my mind, the routine and better sleep. I love the switch off from devices and encouraging me to just be. And the best part - at times it’s been an incredibly spiritual experience and I’ve felt in touch with the emotions from losing my Mum which have been pushed aside with the day to day madness - Beccy

  • As a family we have loved the space you hold every night to calm down and come together for mantra meditation. We particularly love the kirtan at the end - Marilene, Geoff & Samina

  • I've noticed I rarely wake in the night with clenching jaw, and if I do wake I feel better equipped to help myself back to sleep - Amy

  • I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and am grateful for your guidance to help calm my mind. - Erin

  • It's a nice bonding practice for us as we meditate together - something that really helps us find connection after 20 years of marriage! - Faye & Jon

  • We have had ongoing noise from adjoining neighbours for the last few years, and with the added pressures that lockdown has brought, without realising there was an anger building up inside me which I had no vent for. I feel mediation has helped me find my inner calm and learn to tolerate our noisy neighbours. - Amy

  • I have found the beads and the chant + the videos very helpful and do it several times a day - Pat

  • I’m really starting to ‘get’ the meditation and with each day that passes I’m feeling more of the benefits. I really appreciate the time and effort you give to make it work so thank you, really - Caroline

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We respect your privacy. Your information is 100% safe with us.